Steel strip :
Buderus Edelstahl Band a name recognized throughout the world for the production and processing of high-quality special strip steels.
The highest standards of quality and absolute reliability are always the prime considerations for Buderus Edelstahl Band GmbH of Wetzlar. Because of the special quality features of our products, they are used principally in high technology applications such as automotive supplier, electrical, tooling, saw and cutlery industry.

We support our customers with advice on applications of all kinds, on the basis of the comprehensive expertise derived from handling the entire process from melting through to the end product complete at location Wetzlar effected.

The success of Buderus Edelstahl Band is based on our assurance of high service standards, flexibility and responsiveness; further supported by a transparent scheduling and quality assurance system. At Buderus we accept no compromise in meeting our customers‘ requirements!

Buderus Edelstahl Band uses low-segregation bottom poured ingots, group wise cast, from its corporate owned electric furnace steel plant, which is equipped with a 100 mt electric arc furnace, a ladle furnace and vacuum degassing units. The hot strip, rolled on a fully automatic production line, is suitable for high-performance cold rolled strips, characterized by mill edges, symmetrical sections, close tolerances, high purity and uniform microstructure. Hydrochloric acid pickle, protective gas roller hearth furnaces and bell-type annealing furnaces, and annealing processes developed inhouse ensure that the increasing technical demands on materials for fine blanking and stamping operations are satisfied, even with integrated cold forming processes. Buderus cold rolled strip has particular advantages for mass production, such as:

Close tolerances
Reduction of processing costs by excellent tool service life, and precision blanking characteristics
High repeatability due to uniform material characteristics, especially outstanding spheroidized microstructur