Mg Die Casting :

Magnesium is strong, rigid, fully recyclable and is the ideal alloy for saving weight when you don’t want to sacrifice durability.

Thanks to 40 years experience of company Rauch in the field of magnesium, we able to provide and guide magnesium users with advanced technologies for many different magnesium applications in field:

Pre warming
Feeding & dosing
Mg recycling equipment
Mg sheet casting equipment
Mg billet casting
Mg low pressure casting
Magnesium benefits :

• The lightest of all structural metals

• Excellent stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio

• Outstanding EMI and RFI shielding properties

• High conductivity, electrical and thermal

• Withstands high operating temperatures

• Cost-effective compared with many engineered thermoplastic materials

• High dimensional accuracy and stability

• Exceptional thin wall capability

• Good environmental corrosion resistance

• Good finishing characteristics