New & Used Machinery :

Price and availability! Used equipment is usually considerably less expensive than new and most often is immediately available. As such, used equipment provides a ready source of equipment for new market development and business expansion.

The vast majority of used equipment, being offered for sale, is offered not because it is faulty, but rather because it is no longer useable in the marketplace that it previously served.

Virtually all used equipment is sold on an “as is, where is” basis and without warranty. Absent a warranty, a personal visit and inspection is your best assurance that the machine that you are considering, is, and will do, what you want.

When you find a good piece of used equipment that comes close to, or fits, your exact needs, be prepared to purchase it immediately or at least place a deposit on it. Most sales and purchases of used equipment are made on an “as is, where is”, basis and is sold to the first entity that is prepared to pay for it.

Why ProdEq?


– We can offer the right machine to suit any budget
– As an internationally active group of companies we provide you with access to the global machine tool market
– our various warehouse locations hold a permanent selection of machines on stock
– We also handle major projects (plant liquidations)
– We deploy technically qualified personnel to advise you
– We also offer overhauled and new machines
– We can deliver your machine virtually anywhere
– and because reliable business ethics are our top priority